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The most valuable gifts are usually emotional, and spiritual, when we reconnect with our internal and personal realities and daily activities, “in a spiritual sense, dreaming of a gift maybe pointing us towards our creative talents, of which we may not yet be aware” (ten thousand dream dictionary-Pamela Ball.) the months of June, July till Mid- August has been so busy for us. Just a day after we concluded our first ever-successful refugee festival on Sunday  19th June, we embarked on a serious business with the team of 125 young volunteers who traveled all the way from different parts of the States to Malta under the umbrella of

The entire group  was skillfully subdivided into groups of 25 members  with two trip leaders, two parents,forming 5 groups, each spending two weeks in Malta. we were so honored and humbled to partner with this wonderful team, thanks to  AWAS more specifically Amanda Vella who made possible to enable us have access to the refugee centers in Hal far.The whole group was well-known as builders, basically because they came to build, construct, paint, connect, reconnect, spread word and friendship. Personally I learned a lot from this group, in this era, its so hard to find teenagers and young youths spending two weeks away from their parents , loved ones and more so- away from having access to any form of media, i mean social media, contacts or whatever, this was made possible as they could not carry their gadgets. Best word to describe this is humbleness and kindness- if not mission with a purpose.

The builders, did marvelous at the refugee facility, each and every day under the scotch sun could do their best to construct, paint and build at the center. the love they spread with the kids and parents and the refugees is unforgettable, we will cherish forever this memories. Together with other members of Spark 15, we organize other community activities and reconnect with the refugees. we spread our love and kindness, we shared our stories and we made everyone understand the meaning of humanity. They were able to figure out why people live in such conditions, why they seek sanctuary in various parts of the world. Humanity is more than what we think, until you see and sit with that person, never judge nor be selfish. spread love and be kind.

Aside from building and painting,we played football and  we were able to share our skills with the kids and builders, to make bracelets, build networks and friendships as well as cleaning the beach and the football pitch in Hal far. Kids were able to have a playing house and we made pavements and painted them with various colors.  Special thanks Goes to all the builders, Karl Saliba , AWAS staff, Jowie, spark15 family and all the HXP Team. This was the busiest but well utilized and blessing summer for us.