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Sudanese Evening with Spark15

By December 28, 2023No Comments
Spark15 held a Sudanese evening with great food to gather family and friends on November 20th!
The evening was filled with the delicious aroma of Sudanese cuisine prepared by the Spark15 team, serving as a beautiful gesture to give back to our community.
We shared stories, laughter, and a meal that celebrated the richness of diversity.
This event was not just about food; it was about fostering unity, promoting diversity, and standing against racism, showcasing the strength of a community that embraces every culture.
During the evening we also gave our basic digital literacy students who completed the course earlier this year their certificates.
Some of them will now continue with the advanced course we will be having. Thanks go to UNHCR Malta and our teachers Bernard Cachia, Darren Cachia and Kevin Attard who have dedicated so much time to hold these classes.