Since its inception, sports have been a
central part of Spark15’s integration work.

Sport is a powerful tool that brings people from different backgrounds together. We have taken part in several sports activities over the years but football has been the most popular of all for the refugee youth. This is no surprise as football is the most popular sport in the world.

Spark15’s football team (Spark FC) was founded in 2021. Since then we had over 60 players, all of them young refugees. Some of them even went on to play for the second division in Malta. Spark FC has also taken part in the ‘Include Me and I Will Understand’ project that is implemented by the Malta Football Association (MFA). The project promotes the inclusion of refugees and migrants through football and football-related activities.

Spark15 also organises football tournaments each year. Young refugees get the opportunity to train twice a week together, play with other teams in Malta and socialise with people from different backgrounds.

We are continuously looking for sponsors who can provide much needed equipment for our players as most of them do not even have proper football shoes to play with. If you wish to support our sports projects, please contact us.

If you wish to become part of our team you can join weekly football training every sunday from 5pm to 7pm.