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By May 29, 2023July 11th, 2023No Comments

Education is the only impartial tool and most powerful weapon which can break all barriers and bridge the social strata which exist in modern day society. We have witnessed inequalities, however despite that, there have been many cases of individuals succeeding. As Spark 15, we have introduced digital skills course, since we believe that this is a way of improving employment opportunities. Last year we had so many applicants who followed the course that we have repeated the same course this year. We also are introducing an advanced course.

Digital literacy gives people the skills required in today’s modern world. These courses teach Word, Excel, email and other such digital tools. Thanks must go the UNHCR for their financial support, the kind volunteers that teach the courses themselves and also the University for allowing us have access to their computer Labs.

These course are strictly for persons with a protected status and we will be holding a basic course in May-June 2023, another basic course in September 2023 and and advanced course in October 2023. Should any person with a protected status want to participate, please contact us.

Our doors are always open to anyone and whoever wants to contribute and or support our positive course can do so through our contacts or social media platforms.