Who We Are

Spark 15 is the first youth refugee organisation in Malta, and is a testament to the growing diversity of Malta”


Spark15 started in 2015, when UNHCR Malta organised a weekend seminar for youths with refugee status. We were inspired to find solutions to the migration challenges asylum seekers face.

During the seminar we realised that there was a great synergy between attendees and that we would like to continue beyond that weekend. We began by advocating for youth issues related to the refugee community. 

Spark15 members are a mix of young people who come from a number of countries including Eritrea, Palestine, Somalia and Libya,  with ages ranging from 18 to 30 years old.

Our Team

Dursa Mama - Ethiopia

Co-Founder and President of Spark15, Dursa helps organise Spark15’s events and activities. He is driven to “inspire all the younger generation to reach their goals!”

Negmeldin Soliman -

As an Electrical Engineering Student, Negmeldin is aware first hand of the amazing work Spark15 do connecting young refugees with opportunities in high education.

Habtom - Eritrea

As a creative Graphic Designer, Habtom has been working with people from different backgrounds to raise them up through communication and education. 

Ali - Pakistan

A long-time member of Spark 15, Paul comes from an academic background. Motivated by Spark15’s belief “that through education, integration and advocacy, we can pave the way to a life of dignity for all.”

Paul Galea

Ali ranks joining Spark15 as one of the key moments in his personal development. He believes in the power of creating communities through social interaction and events.

Claudia Grama

A student of Social Policy in the University of Malta, Claudia plays an active role in improving the mental wellbeing of refugee and migrant youth in Malta. “Driven by a desire to strengthen social cohesion within the bigger part of society.”

Alexander Zelalem

Alexander is a skilled sportsman on the basketball court and the athletics field. It is his firm belief that Spark15 members can work to help anyone, selflessly and with unity. 

Mohammed Hassan

Mohammed is a founding member of Spark15. Using his experience in PR and events he led Spark15’s first collaboration with ROOTS ISLANDZ music event. 


Sahid is driven by helping displaced populations throughout Europe. Using his insight and experience he wants to enable others to actualise their dreams and goals. 

Hourie Tafech

Co-Founder of Spark15, Hourie helped to shape the vision of Spark15. She is a budding graphic designer, who now lives in USA. Hourie can’t wait to see the next chapters unfold for the organisation.

Our Journey

Our Vision

With no access to education and work, there can be no integration. This will lead to the creation of ghettos”

- Mohammed Hassan

Spark15 is working toward integration by organising community events such as football tournaments, music events and get-togethers. Our aim is to bring together people from all walks of life, bridging the communication gap between refugee communities and the wider Maltese population. Our get-togethers allow NGOs, sponsors and participants to meet, network and understand each other’s motives and needs. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank both the Sudanese Community and The Integra Foundation for allowing us to use their premises for the events. 


Spark15 also works to help the refugee community of Malta gain access to the education they deserve. From early in our journey we have seen the need for improving the education of young refugees and have been vocal about this point with Malta’s national newspapers. Having sewn the seeds for collaborative approaches to change, Spark15 now works closely with The Integra Foundation and their Integra Programme for Higher Education. We aide refugees and people in need of protection by acting as a first point of contact for many into the programme, and therefore into higher education. We are extremely proud of all our community and those who take the opportunity to enter university and beyond. 




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